Home Made in the Oven

Every week, Yvette van Boven developed a new oven recipe for her column in Volkskrant Magazine, the newspaper’s weekend magazine.  The recipes are seasonal, delicious, and most importantly, really simple, and now, they’re collected in her latest cookbook: Home Made in the Oven.

What is van Boven serving up fresh from her oven this time? How about autumnal stuffed Portobello mushrooms, a freshly baked plum pie, or cabbage rolls with caraway and hazelnuts. Alongside the more than 90 recipes are van Boven’s annotated illustrations and photographs of finished dishes. For van Boven, everything belongs in the oven: vegetables, meat, fish, pizza, stews, and of course, sweets! The recipes are sure to provide you with plenty of tips, tricks, and inspiration for cooking in your oven.

Publisher: Abrams Books | Recipes, illustrations, photography & book design: Yvette van Boven | 208 pages | $24,99,-

Available for pre-order: here at Amazon


Home Made Christmas – in English

For years, Yvette van Boven has been writing Christmas recipes for newspapers and magazines. As someone who loves the holidays, she’s never short of ideas for celebrations and finally decided that now is the perfect time to publish them in a cookbook: Home Made Christmas. The holidays can be overwhelming, but Yvette shows you how to make them easier with her “make ahead” recipes, giving you time to enjoy your company when they arrive. Home Made Christmas includes more than 100 recipes for the holidays (organized by Prepare Ahead and To Finish It Off) that are all easy to make and delicious. With her step-by-step recipes, you’ll know exactly what to do and when. Yvette even provides menu ideas to make all your planning easier. Whether you’re celebrating your first Christmas with the love of your life or cooking for your entire family, this cookbook makes sure you’re fully prepared to entertain your holiday guests with a delicious, satisfying meal.

Publisher: Abrams Books | Recipes, illustrations & book design: Yvette van Boven | Photography: Oof Verschuren | 304 pages | $35,-

Up for order at: Abrams, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM!, Indie Bound, !ndigo, and Powell’s.

De Grote Oven van Van Boven

Every week Yvette wrote an oven recipe for Volkskrant Magazine. The latest ones now have been bundled into ‘De grote oven van Van Boven’. From stuffed mushrooms to cabbage rolls with hazelnut and caraway or freshly baked plum pie: it’s all in there. Over ninety recipes, as always fool proof and accompanied by Yvette’s drawings.

You can order ‘De grote oven van Van Boven’ here, but only in Dutch.




Wekelijks bedenkt Yvette voor Volkskrant Magazin een ovenrecept. De nieuwste recepten zijn nu gebundeld in dit derde deel van De grote oven van Van Boven. Wat dacht u van herfstig gevulde portobello’s, een versgebakken proemevlaai of koolrolletjes met karwij en hazelnoot? Meer dan negentig nieuwste en leukste recepten zijn gebundeld in dit fijne boek. Steeds met duidelijke, foolproof receptuur zoals we van Yvette gewend zijn.

Je kunt het boek hier bestellen.

Publisher Nijgh & van Ditmar | recipes, illustrations, photo’s, recipes & book design: Yvette van Boven | 208 pages | €20,-

Home Sweet Home XMAS

How about a romantic Christmas dinner for two? A simple, wintry meal? Or an all out-Christmas dinner with your entire family? All you need is Home Sweet Home XMAS. In this book you can find lots of tips on how to have a stress and panic-free Christmas. From papaya soup to a champagne bowl with cranberries, and from a leek, salmon and goat cheese terrine to blood orange meringue pies. With these and all the other recipes, menu suggestions and de-stress tips in Home Sweet Home XMAS you will definitely have a Christmas to remember.

Available in Dutch and English.

Home Sweet Home

In Home Sweet Home – new Irish comfort food, Yvette van Boven cooks the food from the country she grew up in. Ireland is the place she ate her very first meal, and where her love of food arose.
In this new book, Yvette cooks with the brilliant produce Ireland has to offer. Fom herbs and fruits which you can pick at the side of the road, to very free range beef and wild fish.
She takes Irish classics and makes them her own.
Home Sweet Home is an ode to both the traditional and contemporary cooking culture in Ireland. It will leave you happy and slightly homesick to a country that you’ve perhaps never even been to.

You can order Home Sweet Home (for now only in Dutch) here.

Koken met Van Boven – 2nd dvd out

From now on you can watch Yvette whenever you like.
We have DVDs!

On the disks you can find all episodes of Koken met Van Boven: first ánd second season.
Pretty exciting isn’t it?

Want one? You can order the DVDs from season one and season two now in the VPRO-webshop (all in Dutch).

Vanaf nu kun je wanneer je maar wilt naar Yvette kijken.
Er zijn DVD’s!

Op de DVD’s vind je alle afleveringen van het eerste én het tweede seizoen Koken met Van Boven.
Leuk toch?

Je kunt de DVD’s van zowel seizoen 1 als 2 bestellen in de VPRO-webwinkel.

Nog meer uit Van Bovens oven

In Nog meer uit Van Bovens oven you will find a brand new selection of the oven recipes Yvette wrote for Volkskrant Magazine. Think green oven risotto, spring porchetta and lemon cookies for example. All with clear, step by step recipes and of course Yvette’s own drawings.

You can order Nog meer uit Van Bovens oven, but only in Dutch, here.

In Nog meer uit Van Bovens oven vind je een nieuwe selectie van ovenrecepten die Yvette schreef voor Volkskrant Magazine. Een butternuttaartje, lenteporchetta en citroenkoekjes bijvoorbeeld. Natuurlijk allemaal met duidelijke receptuur en Yvette’s tekeningen.

Je kunt Nog meer uit Van Bovens oven kopen bij de boekhandel, of online.

Uit de oven van Van Boven

For two years Yvette weekly wrote an oven recipe for Volkskrant Magazine. Over 50 of those have been collected in this lovely little book. As usual with clear, foolproof recipes and of course with Yvettes famous drawings. Not only cakes and cookies are being baked in Yvettes oven; veg, meat and fish get full attention as well.

Uit de oven van Van Boven is, however only in Dutch, now in stores or available online.

Twee jaar lang bedacht Yvette voor Volkskrant Magazine elke week een ovenrecept. Meer dan 50 van de lekkerste en leukste gerechten uit de serie zijn nu gebundeld in dit fijne boek. Steeds met duidelijke, foolproof receptuur zoals we van Yvette gewend zijn én voorzien van een mooie tekening met korte instructies.

Je kunt Uit de oven van Van Boven nu kopen, in de boekwinkel om de hoek of online.

Home Made Food Notebook

Home Made Food Notebook is written and illustrated by Yvette, but created to be taken over by all the foodies who loved her books so they can now keep notes of their own adventures in food heaven.

This food notebook has handy information on measures and conversions, food names in different languages, a seasonal calendar, and more. In the section, “My Kitchen”, Yvette shares her pantry staples and how she makes them, from mustard to mayonnaise, butter to vinaigrette, and more.

You can buy the Home Made Food Notebook, in English, in your local bookstore or here.


De eerste echte keukengids van Yvette van Boven, met haar beste tips.

Voor foodies en liefhebbers van de boeken van Yvette van Boven die hun eigen kookavonturen willen vastleggen, is er nu het Home Made Keukenschrift. Dit prachtig vormgegeven notitieboek heeft niet alleen heel veel ruimte voor eigen aantekeningen, lijstjes en recepten, het bevat ook een seizoenskalender, internationale maat- en gewichtvoeringen, de namen van vis, vlees en groenten in vier verschillende talen en voorraadkasttips.

Je kunt het Home Made Keukenschrift nu kopen bij je eigen boekwinkel, of online natuurlijk.

Home Baked

Home Baked is a beautiful collection of van Boven’s favorite baked goods—warm bread from the oven, sweet banana bread, a gooey cinnamon and caramel pull-apart loaf, rich chocolate cake, shortbread cookies, and more. And alongside these beautiful images of delicious treats, Van Boven provides step- by-step instructions for how to make them in your own home. And she leaves no one out—working with different types of flours (including gluten-free) so there is something for everyone to bake.

You can order the Dutch version here. For the English version, you can order here.

Home Made Menu

Home Made Menu is a little pocketbook.
Yvette went through all of her recipes and cooking methods and assembled them in a different order. Sometimes to surprise you, sometimes to put a recipe in the spotlights that didn’t get the attention it needed earlier.
In this book you will find a special menu for that particular evening when you want impress new in-laws, for example, your colleagues or your own wife .
There is a vegetarian menu, or one with only fish & shellfish. She has also put together a menu for larger groups of people, because sometimes that can be quite difficult and even one with almost only drinks for a party, like New Years eve.

You order Home Made Menu, only in Dutch, here.

Home Made Summer

After the nourishing comfort food from Home Made Winter, it’s now time for Home Made Summer, a collection of sun-drenched dishes. For the recipes in this book, Yvette took inspiration from her day-to-day life in Amsterdam and Paris, but even more so from summers spent in Provence, on an orchard near Avignon.

In this book, you’ll find dishes that won’t take much time or effort to prepare: ideas for long barbecue nights with friends, perfect salads to accompany the grilled dishes, cold soups for those super-hot days, and festive summer drinks.

Nominated for best Dutch Cookbook 2012
Winner ‘Elle Food Photography Award 2012

Order Home Made ZOMER in dutch here.

Home Made Winter

Home Made Winter is all about comforting winter food, with inspiration from Ireland, France and Holland, the countries where Yvette lived and lives. There are simple recipes for classics that everyone thought they were difficult to make, such as croquettes, pulled pork and apple cider. Step by step guides for making butter for example, the Dutch ‘Ossenworst’ sausage or Baileys. She also give recipes for things she eats on winter holidays: like Plum Pudding for Christmas, Colcannon on Halloween, Galette des Rois on Epiphany.

Home Made WINTER is available in Dutch, English & German

Order Home Made WINTER in Dutch here.

Home Made Mini

Home Made Mini is a small compilation of recipes from Home Made WINTER and Home Made SUMMER.
80 recipes you can cook throughout the year, from a French veg stew to banoffee pie and back.

Only available in Dutch. You can order here.

Home Made

Awarded as ‘Dutch Cookbook Of The Year 2010
Awarded as ‘Best informative Dutch book 2010’ – ‘het lintje van de Boekverkoper 2011’
Nominated for ‘Best first cookbook’ at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2011
Winner of the 2012 Treehugger Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Cookbook

How do you make cheese from pantry staples? How do you create an oven smoker from scratch in just  two minutes? And how can you use your homemade cheese, smoked fish, ice cream and many other products in original recipes?In this cookbook Yvette explains all of this. In clear step-by-step stories illustrated instructions, you’re encouraged to learn and prepare new cooking techniques without needing to run to the store to buy expensive ingredients or complicated kitchen gadgets.

The book begins with breakfast and works its way through the day:
how to bake your own bread in the morning and fix a healthy and original lunch after that, towards the afternoon: how to make your own brewed tea, bake cakes, the happy hour: how to make your own drinks, liqueur, how to make nibbles and bites, the evening: dinner, cheese, dessert, through the night: how to make mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise for those who need something to eat, after a night out at the pub.

Order the book in Dutch here.

Praise for Home Made

“You’ll want to eat everything in this book!”
PEOPLE Style Watch

The Year’s 10 Best Cookbooks
Details, September 2011

“This massive, gorgeously photographed, and illustrated tome filled with Dutch/French/Italian-inspired recipes and tutorials is much more than a cookbook; it’s a series of adventures for the culinarily inclined.” —Bust magazine

“Elegant photography by Oof Verschuren and clever page design make Home Made a delight to read, an invitation to explore, and, ultimately, a guide to appreciating the process as much as the product.” —Shelf Awareness

“Van Boven co-owns Aan de Amstel café in Amsterdam, which serves unpretentious food and warm hospitality. She’s also a writer, food stylist, designer, and illustrator—all talents put to good use in her beautiful new collection of rustic, globally inspired recipes.” —Bon Appetit.com

“The recipes are incredibly different in a wonderful way.”
—Linda Cicero, Miami Herald

“The vivid, beautifully composed photos will draw both budding and seasoned cooks to the kitchen.” —Detroit Metro Times

“[Yvette van Boven] is fearless in the kitchen, taking on everything from cheesemaking to preserving, infusing, and all sorts of other projects that are sure to expand your culinary horizons. . . . The recipes in Home Made are lovingly hand-lettered and illustrated by van Boven with pen and ink drawings and intricate paper cuttings including some pretty adorable talking lemons and anthropomorphized Swiss chard.”
Serious Eats

“Author Yvette van Boven’s practical predinner drink recipes, preserving tips, and dessert menus jump to life with help from bold food photos and snapshots straight out of her kitchen.”
– Daily Candy